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tyBit Unified Search offers a FREE 7 Day trial of its Pay Per Position (PPP) advertising module to businesses and advertisers.  Response has been tremednous in introducing fixed pricing for a fixed time period and guaranteed top 10


According to, tybit is ranked at 63K in the world while Safari is ranked at well over 230K.  Within the US, tybit is ranked at 22K and Safari is over 110K.  tyBit continues to make strides as it gains market share and grows its user


tyBit continues to grow its Advertiser.  Several third party ad inventory providers have signed partnerships and have increased tyBit's ad inventory.  Take advantage of $1 a day advertising in the fastest growing search engine on the web


tyBit has expanded its partnerships to include domain provider Valuable Web Names.  Now customers can purchase domains from one of the largest selections on the web and earn FREE trial advertising in the tyBit network.  Come see why tyBit is&


tyBit has expanded its ever growing ad network to additional Ad Providers and now its advertiser base has grown by more than 50% as of October 1, 2009.  Join the fastest growning search engine on the Web.  Try tyBit!


tyBit now provides search engine optimizaiton to its advertisers to help increase their natural search result listings across all other search engines.  tyBit unique SEO feature can be seen in its toolbar download and this service is available to


tyBit has begun Beta testing AdParity with Newspaper Partners across the country.  tyBit is growning its ad inventory and user base while Newspaper Partners grow their revenue by controlling the ads displayed on their website.


tyBit Unified Search is on pace to exceed 80 million searches this month.  tyBit is the fastest growing search engine on the internet.  Try tyBit at


tyBit's Partner Advanced Internet Technologies offers Free Domain Web Hosting for Life with the purchase of 1 tyBit Global Keyword Registry term for just 30 Days!


tyBit Unified Search is surging into July with Hundreds of New Advertisers and Millions of Searches on its Global Keyword Registry Program. 


tyBit's Advertising and Value Added Resellers are taking advantage of Advertisers desire to lock in ad positions and key terms for fixed time periods, earning 30% commission and 20% in rebates.


tyBit's Global Keyword Registry provides advertisers with overwhelming numbers of legitimate traffic impressions and clicks in just 2 days.


tyBit's Global Keyword Registry continues to grow in popularity among advertisers.


Advertisers are seeing a significant increase in searches, impressions and targeted traffic clicks from tyBit's Global Keyword Registry. 


tyBit is giving Advertisers a Free test of the power and precision of its Global Keyword Registry.


Gwen has been kidnapped by the evil Poogul.  Follow tyBit Man as he continues his quest to rescue Gwen and unify search. 


Advertisers can now test tyBit's industry leading Global Keyword Registry program and reserve a top performing keyword for a 5 day risk free trial.


tyBit is well over 35 million searches in June and is on pace to exceed 70 million this month. 


tyBit's Toolbar has been translated into 7 different languages and is now truly a global search engine. 


You watch the latest Episode of tyBit Man, as he defends tyVille and all of us from the evil clutches of Poogul. Watch Video


With tyBit Man capturing the fourth and final gem of relevancy, tyBit's AdPairty will now be unleashed and provide our Publisher Partners with more tools to serve their customers and increase the use of tyBit search.  With more searches


Follow tyBit Man in tyVille as he fights the evil Poogull empire.  As users join the tyVille network, tyBit Man's powers grow even stronger.


Did you know yo can make money in tyVille?
It's actually really simple, just signup of a tyVille account if you don't already have one, and choose to make money o


You can now view and post YouTube Videos on tyVille, as well as stay in the know with the Associated Press RSS Feeds!


How you can help me fight evil on the Internet, grow my power and rescue my beloved Gweyn...


Big News! You can now add more info to your Profile!


Attention tyVille Citzens. Currently we are limiting photo gallery and photo profile images.


tyVille Relaunch

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