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February 15, 2011
China, kunming, yunnan

This year, after the Spring Festival, we joined the chanel bags for cheap Shanghai organization Cambodia seven days to swim, Shanghai - phnom penh - siem reap - phnom penh - Shanghai. Due to Cambodia year points wet and dry conditions, and after the Spring Festival, avoid the rainy season, and the weather is not too hot (the actual went already very hot, noon $3.6 degrees, lunch will be back room agreeable freedom bath, rest to leave at three o 'clock.

Admittedly with a tour group, but we still don't forget to do 'homework'. First to xinhua bookstore acquisition, compares the how much this shopping bags, dragons online final decisions China tourism publishing:  chanel bags for sale 'Cambodia and Angkor Wat' this booklet. Because it in Cambodia's history, culture and Khmer angkor UNESCO's world heritage list of architectural monuments etc, were introduced, and only made from online content is not enough. For the contents of the book must be even a little earlier some time browsing, slowly careful digestion is. This book is not just before departure culture guidance, but also introduces in details the temple to the photography optimal point, so for photographing the us is again good but now. So when you step on this piece of land, would have 'comprehension', may be promote one,replica handbag chanel    but a wise man counsel.
A, phnom penh
Phnom  replica handbag coach   penh visited the following places:
1 alone and broken as a souvenir tower.
2, first palace, silver temple (green jade Buddha).
Building for traditional Khmer style

chanel bags online      , interior decorations for Siam (Thailand) style. The palace contains more than 20 seat size palace, including Andy used for decoration is treasure, silver temple consecrate jade carved Buddha statue is block.
3, Mrs. Wang mountain (tower of running high).
In addition to the hub strike the shoulder confit mong road and central market.
Two, siem reap,

The tour is the focus of world cultural heritage? chanel bags 2010     Well-known of Angkor Wat. It is located in siem reap, is apart from the phnom penh 314 kilometers, about 5 hours' drive. Cambodia without highway, we take a tour bus is very good, but ordinary roads.
To Angkor Wat first feel is vibrate! The grand Khmer kingdom, once is so rich, so perfect, so sublime, now from the forest depths emerge, visiting guests from all sides, flowing, take pictures and small handicraft of children, among the tourists have been crying clamp, here no longer sleep, it has from slumber, greet it will be the world.


February 14, 2013

Fashion and personality recently faye wong dressed in tide, although the general clothing appeared somewhere clad style enough bright but simple collocation under extinged fashion sense. Gray NeZi coat broad shoulders accept waist design atmosphere also very explicit figure. A paragraph of exquisite blue-gray Xiang (Longchamp) replica handbag coachhandbags very assertive, this fashionable handbags also the brand's basic classical money, over the years has been popular. Atmospheric model, practical texture and economic prices even fe elder sister also to it rather love grows

NeZi coat deserves to go up the blue thin leg pants pants on the collocation of wang shoes dress up quite show young. Besides exquisite Xiang (Longchamp) handbags outside fe elder sister feet high help wave shoes  replica handbag chanel  will become one of the best-known sheet is tasted. Fe elder sister wearing this black glossy green cotton padded jacket zipper from France's top brand MONCIER (feather coats emperor). This type of coats in this cold winter is very hot, is one of the reasons for tide after her coats out faye wong often dressed street appearances. replica handbag cheap replica handbag prada    Whether black or red wine or paragraph brief paragraph, allowing fitow elder sister would almost classical money each for a piece, visible to this kind of coats of love. Like faye wong man for this photo and photos on the ring must not unfamiliar. Seldom in his pictures of micro bo hair himself in micro bo aerator faye wong recently made so a false photos, and the only see clear just days after this hand and she hands of a delicate ring. Fe elder sister of this ring often saw her wearing in the hand, but always buddhist who she also hope for peace, this kind of ring is from orange zi (Juicy Couture) peace anti-war paragraph ring.

March 5, 2011
China, kunming , yunnan

It is reported, many attended the first exhibition of brands, etc, very early beginning active call ask second specific host time.replica handbag prada Expected there will be more than 5,000 shopping center and shopping malls, cheap coach purses dealers, agents, brands, etc to participate.


Exhibition exactly bring new opportunities


The Shanghai international fashion MANIA NOVO brand costumes will inject more emerging elements, bags wholesale hand in hand with the first peace Davis (SAVILLS) new team-mates present exhibition - "the Chinese retail real estate exhibition", introducing over 100 retail real estate developer, Ed hardy T shirts department stores, fund company and group enterprise, puma speed cat show retail market comprehensive industrial chain structure.


Facing the new generation of young consumer groups this attractive and influential retail customers, a single, wholesale designer handbag lack of differentiation competition and retail real estate brand management pattern already cannot puma ferrari satisfy them for fashionable pursuit.


China's retail real estate exhibition MANIA2011 NOVO and hence arises at the historic moment, let retail department stores, puma sneakers shopping center finding its location in the brand and the dealer. Lv replicas Also, for the brand and distributor for, also can carry out the common negotiate more sexual plans to enter the domestic market.


Organizers, in recent years, China's retail market by leaps and bounds attract global each big retail brand piled into, conquers ralph lauren polo tee shirts 1.3 billion consumption group and China's booming market. handbags purses The expected future three years in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, designer wholesale handbags chengdu and the overall supply will reach to 650 million square meters, the prosperous retail inspires China's retail real estate market considerable development.


In addition, the financial crisis after the black supra skytops Chinese retail market remains a surprising developing speed, prada sunglass some strong retail enterprises have started to restart the rapid expansion of pace.


It is reported, NOVOM ANIA2011  special invitations German stylist combined with the exhibition theme "CROSSOVER" (cross boundary and the fusion), replica handbag prada simulates the oakley sunglass visual space undertakes the overall design of the planning. From the entrance hall extremely line design feeling Chinese red gate, to combine current environmental lohas idea, and build natural atmosphere, stylist in many details are very conscious into the white supra skytops Chinese elements interpretation NOVO MANIA exhibition concept.

March 25, 2023
China, kunming, yunnan


The hot sun hot not only make the human heat), even  oakleys sunglasses cheap are drying changed? In summer, you might as well take this paragraph individualizing sunglasses out, affirmation will attract many eyeball.Gucci released two paragraphs of elaborate design  prada sunglass , defines as solidification moment like the acme &europe. Through the integration of traditional and change, Gucci this once more deduce the 1970s pilots of agitation. With cortical cover frames, combining twinbridge mirror asked, and in its leg place collocation with carved metal labeled, clever balance the design feeling and practical, explained the brands of perfect accessories.

To understand that, depending on the nations in this jan.7 optical glasses depreciate, famous brand will carry like dior, CK, BOSS, gucci, luo meaning vuitton etc at ordinary times you bought this jan.7 prohibitively brand the most suitable. Depending on the gentiles optical operations director JiangQingYun introduction, "43,200, readers can both less money buy until   2010 gucci sunglasses , also can low-cost cleans out usual classical money. In addition, readers may according to their own consumption, the price of choose and buy strength check the interval of famous brand have chosen."

 This 43,200 framework mirror optional room is bigger, mountings, lens preferential dynamics, stylist brand Face unprecedented a Face and dior, puma etc best-selling paragraph 2 oakley sunglass hit fold the preferential. Many original penchant for thousands of dollars in glasses, jan.7 bumps yuan can be bought. Students gens like Mr Lisa, la, easy to think, happy bear the brand such as price is, at ordinary times, the economical jan.7 to still can achieve 50% off unfixed.


In addition, sunglass many famous brand below 1000 yuan, in fan saizhe, BOSS, dior, CK brands are found. Baozi a fashion and elegant sunglasses, peacetime 1000 yuan or so, jan.7 to less than 300 yuan, CK much money florid fashion of female money sunglasses, peacetime 12000 yuan, from jan.7 300 multiple to six hundred multivariate differ, BOSS is exquisitely made two thousand multivariate male money oakleys sunglasses sale, jan.7 just 600 yuan can be bought.


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