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Tag - polos
February 25, 2021
United States


Puma sneakers was established in 1948 in Germany (Herzogenaurach), Founder: Rudolf

     Herzogenaurach located in the southern German state of Bavaria, in the nineteenth century, still unknown town, the main economic traditions of the clothing industry, but today, because it is world-renowned sports goods - -puma speed cat " the company's headquarters has been affected by people's attention.

A local shoemaker to do up their own small workshop factory, at the beginning to do mainly boots and slippers, he had two sons: brother RUDOLF DASSLER (Rudolf. Dassler) and his brother ADOLF DASSLER (Adolf. Das Le) Puma sneakers are also factory work, 1924, after the two brothers grew up to inherit his father, invented the bag in nailed boots under the peg, played the role of non-slip, only to popular
puma speed cat; the age at which German people love football, football fanaticism unparalleled in the world, and players are required to get good shoes, so shoes make running and playing, became their direction. With the growth of the company, the brothers had a falling out in 1948, they decided to split, my brother set up the Puma sneakers, his brother set up Adidas (ADIDAS).


  • Dassler (Rudolf Dassler), now has 57-year-old sportswear brand in the world with the first line of the call Power and influence. PUMA fifty years of history to write page after page on the great sporting achievements. puma speed cat accompany Billy to enter the number one World Cup final champion, accompanied by Baker, tennis players rule the roost in the Wimbledon grass. Cooperation with top athletes and continue to pursue the latest technology to produce the best sports puma espera equipment. Rudolf Das, founder of Music was established in 1948, the German PUMA brand, Puma sneakers has been for decades among the key players in the sports world in recent years, the combination of a more successful pop / sports, jumped puma espera
    favorite brand for young people One.
March 25, 2022
China, kunming , yunnan

 Recently, the famous outdoor brands timberland boots for sale released 2011 autumn Tackhead 10 "phinomena - On boots. This type of boots on work boots for design basis, boots is the whole rusty leather boots by plane and the color of loess canvas boots tube into joining together. Boots sewing place adopts double strap design, make more sturdy    ralph lauren polos sale  . Outsole still adopted black rubber material, non-skid, resistance to wear for your feet to provide the most comfortable feeling. Though not very cold "reach" millennium, but the point of the winter cold air is really frequently. Research results show that: foot and whole body heat loss of the easiest place, foot can abiding constant temperature, add proper clothings is tie-in, can make whole body warm and clinking.  ralph lauren polos sale  is many "fear cold clan" first choice, besides big hot UGG outside, this year, there are many chao boots "'s very attractive, they will either main high-tech, or advocate dozen young fashion, either flagship avant-garde design... Anyhow, unique design and high heat preservation degrees lets a person "trustworthy", worthy of the name of the tide boots."High-tech" enough warmthRepresentative brand: Colombia,   timberland boots on sale   of this one season SmartWool series products, in shoes lining add its proprietary technology of intelligent wool is qualitative, soft and comfortable breathe freely. But Columbia this one season hot push Bugathermo warm electricity hot war   cheap coach purses more built-in rechargeable batteries.Fashion "flash" bound feet  Representative brand: UGG, Crocs ,This one season, many brands has launch similar UGG paragraph boots -- popularity very high have Crocs in this one season is a number of series boots, classic Crocs shoe model is spun for boots, and decorated with plush side, and a feeling of Eskimo. Besides appearance warm, this kind of  cheap timberland boots  inner also is very outstanding, with unique soft materials produced by the Croslite neri heat preservation performance is very good, warm and comfortable to wear.Boots have fundamentalist Representative brand: the PUMA, LACOSTEToday season, many young brand also launched avant-garde design and warm boots, the common characteristic of these boots are "very concise", not overmuch adornment, color, texture warm jump.The most popular girls delight is PUMA's El Roo, this pair of shoes in entering Japan after market was in sold out state. LACOSTE launched this pair and Sebastien Tellier cooperation boots are also very classic, get a lot of girls tide male tide heat holds.List of Participants

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