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ezTalks - Top 5 Alternatives to Polycom Video Conference System

Video conferencing is a technology that provides simultaneous transmission of video and audio between two or more users using hardware and software communication tools.

Using video conferencing allows you to meet remote colleagues directly from your workplace or from your meeting room. There is no loss of time for travel, business trips and gathering of participants.

Unlike a telephone conversation, video conferencing means visual contact, the ability to read an interlocutor's emotions and see his or her articulation. In addition, video conferencing systems don't allow you to distract during a conversation to third-party matters and fully focus an interlocutor's attention on the communication process.

About Polycom Video Conference System:

Polycom Inc is one of the world leaders in the industry of audio and video conferencing systems. In the spectrum of equipment manufactured by Polycom, there are Polycom audio and video conferencing terminals, Polycom software, multipoint conference equipment and Polycom video conference system. Polycom video conference system is well-developed and innovative.

Polycom produces various equipment: video terminals, network equipment, and audio terminals. You can also find Polycom hd video conferencing system among products of the company.

Polycom system for video conferences is considered to be the best video conference system nowadays. But there are many other video conference systems, which are also good. About 5 of them we will tell you in this article.

Here we choose top 5 alternatives to Polycom video conference system:

1. TrueConf

TrueConf is the largest developer of corporate and individual products and equipment for video conferencing in Europe. TrueConf solutions allow in 15 minutes deploying a secure corporate unified communications system with UltraHD video conferencing support.

TrueConf Terminal 2.0 is a new advanced solution for meeting rooms, conference rooms, and executive workplaces. It is a constantly updating software platform, which came to replace hardware systems. TrueConf Terminal 2.0 is completely free software that installs on any device running Windows OS with the ability to manage the terminal through a web browser and conferences on one or more screens.


2. ezTalks

ezTalks video conferencing system is truly innovative and modern. Their new device is called ezTalks Onion. It is tooled with all-in-one hardware and cloud-established software for the simplest meeting room solution, Onion is a strong real-time collaboration and dialogue video conferencing device to keep you anytime be with your colleagues. You can get an outstanding image resolution with Onion's 1080p camera and 120p broad angle lens, which assist you to see many details and see more in your conference.

ezTalks Onion not only holds your conferences with a high-quality microphone to grant you a marvelous sound for a better connection but also sounds larger than its size with the customized dynamic. Onion allows you enjoy a lot smoother, faster and secure streaming video via cordless connection or cord connection in a conference without getting annoyed by a nonworking image.

ezTalks also has a professional HD video conferencing software, which is called ezTalks Cloud Meeting. You can conduct business discussions, online lessons, video presentations and many other necessary applications that require high quality video and audio. In the free version, you can create a video conference for 100 participants maximum per time as long as you talk no more than 40 minutes.


3. VideoMost

It is a software solution for video conferencing with HD sound quality and video in any IP networks. This system allows you to organize video communication sessions with an unlimited number of participants (at the same time you can see up to 10 of the most active participants). Log in to the conference through a browser or desktop application. The system has support for direct p2p video calls. VideoMost features collaboration with documents, moderation of participants, status display and text chat. There is a free version of up to 3 participants.

The new version of video conferencing system VideoMost can simultaneously display 16 participants on the screen, supports 4K (Ultra HD) video resolution and up to 50 fully interactive video participants in each conference (and up to 500 video listeners in each conference), which is the best indicator in the world. Also, VideoMost 3.0 now allows you to see the video of interlocutors on one monitor, and on a second monitor the broadcasting files in the current session. In addition, VideoMost has added support for Google WebRTC standard.


4. Cisco Telepresence

Cisco Telepresence is complex software and hardware system of video conferences. It provides high-quality video communication. Through integration with cloud services (Cisco WebEx) the system supports various options for participation - from telepresence systems to smartphones.

CTI Company has expanded its range of cloud services with the "on demand" label. The new service "Videoconferences on demand" is built on the basis of the Cisco Telepresence system and allows companies to improve communication efficiency, accelerate decision making, obtain quick access to specialists, reduce the time and financial costs of travel and give additional impetus to business development through the use of advanced IT technology. The company promises an affordable monthly subscription cost that is not comparable with the high costs of acquiring such a solution, flexible tariff offers, a branded portal for planning and managing conferences, and round-the-clock support of the service.


5. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a service for business communications. It consists of the Meet (for group video) and Chat applications (for creating group chats). It also works on mobile platforms.

The service for a chat and video conferencing Google Hangouts still remains undervalued because of the incomprehensible positioning. Whether it's an instant messenger, video chat, or business video conferencing system.

And, finally, Google decided to make it clear. Now Hangouts is a business service. Rather, two services. First - Hangouts Meet is a video conferencing service (almost the same as it was, but with a new design). It is available both separately and in G Suite, and allows you to create free video calls for 30 participants. The second - Hangouts Chat - it's a group chat for business, a full-fledged alternative to Slack with rooms, bots, and integrations. It is available only to users of G Suite.



Strong competition in this area doesn't allow you to think and waste time on details. With the help of video conferencing, you can quickly solve all the issues that arise. Thanks to modern systems, it becomes easier and easier.

Video conference systems like Polycom or ezTalks are considered to be the best in the market. We can safely recommend you to use one of the video conference systems described in this article.

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December 31, 1969December 31, 1969  0 comments  Uncategorized

ezTalks - Benefits of Cloud Video Conferencing for Small and Medium Enterprises

In recent years, small and medium-sized enterprise market is increasingly becoming mature, but the fact reflects that they have a lower level adoption of video conferencing technology. The latest data show that small and medium-sized enterprises spend about 30% of their time attending various kinds of meetings every year. One way to resolve this problem is to utilize cloud video conferencing tool like ezTalks instead, which saves your time and makes your life easier. Now, we are going to tell you more benefits of cloud video conferencing in details.

eztalks video conferencing

1. Cloud video conferencing can save costs for enterprises.

One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based video conferencing is that it can save a lot of expenses for small and medium-sized enterprises. With all kinds of video conference systems, through the whole platform coverage and fluent mobile devices, video conferencing provide seamless communication channels. On one hand, it can better help companies no longer spend much time on remote business meetings. Video conferencing removes the location limitations, and makes you easily communicate with remote customers anytime, anywhere. For sales and training work, you can keep in touch with remote expert without expensive trip, and also won't miss any meetings. If you want to move office or you have employees telecommuting, video collaboration can help you save office space, expensive of recruitment and retraining costs again. On the other hand, travel is no longer the bottleneck. You can use the video conference solution to let everyone keep unobstructed communication, which not only greatly reduces the operation cost of the enterprise, but also improves the communication efficiency.

2. Cloud video conferencing can speed up the decision and increase productivity.

Another benefit of cloud video conferencing services is that it can speed up the decision, the quickest way to achieve higher productivity. During the video meetings, face to face communication is helpful to better understand each other and thus speed up decision-making of the meeting. Video conference can allow participants to make eye contacts, increasing the level of accuracy and attention of the meeting. Thus it will be more easily to put forward topics to discuss in the meeting and improve efficiency as well.

3. Cloud video conferencing can make working environmental-friendly.

Cloud video conferencing can make working be more environmental, more human and pleasant. The cloud video conferencing can eliminate the time and space restrictions, realizing the remote communication anytime and anywhere. Now we can say goodbye to the cumbersome traditional conference mode. With the advanced video conferencing technologies, the sound and video image can be transmitted over the Internet, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient interaction of remote information, making business travel become unnecessary. Excessive frequent travel can let staff feel down and increase the enterprise spending as well. Video meeting is a very good way to solve the problem, let employees really do a good work/life balance. Then they will have more passion into work and thus create more value for the company. No travel means no contamination to environment. In this way, cloud video conferencing is environmental-friendly, which becomes another great advantage.

4. Cloud video conferencing can promote internal and external relationships.

Using cloud video conferencing can promote the company's internal and external relationships. For example, without leaving the office, you can easily have a more convenient and frequent contact with your colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers. In the process of video conference, participants can see each person's facial expressions and body language. This makes the meeting more personal, and can help users and partners create a more trusting relationship with each other.

Video conferencing has gain intensive popularity for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the newest trends of it is to put video conferencing in the cloud. The above are just a few benefits and advantages of cloud-based video conferencing, and of course, there are much more beyond this. After you deploy such a useful communication tool from ezTalks, you will gradually get more benefits from it.


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